I have been visiting Tanzania since 1994. Since then I've been wanting to create a situation for others, both ‘young and mature’, to experience what is in my opinion an amazing and glorious country on the African continent.

I wanted people to visit a unique location off the beaten track west of Arusha. A place to contemplate and reflect. A place to replenish and connect. A place to serve and learn. To experience awe and wonderment, to reignite inner senses!

So I'm excited to offer small groups to depart from that which is very familiar, home towns and cities, to that which is totally unfamiliar, the expanse of wilderness. This in itself may open windows to new horizons both outwardly and within ourselves.


  • You have the chance to participate in the 'Conscious Awareness Programme' and receive 'One to One Strategic Coaching' sessions.  I have two other highly qualified life therapists for participants to engage with. As spaces are limited to seven attendees the three to seven ratio is unique!
  • Also a valuable opportunity to connect with the rural  community of the Maasai and learn lessons from their lifestyle and nomadic nature.
  • And an opportunity to go on a safari adventure in the Serengeti, visit the ancient lakes and craters.

You will have plenty of 'you time' to stroll, relax and find stillness during your stay. This is a chance to immerse your outer senses in the sights, scents, tastes, sounds and textures of this land and reinvigorate your inner senses and realise that the vistas were always present within you.


Ol-Mesera, www.ol-mesera.com, please visit the site and see for yourself. It is quite an awe inspiring location. The owner, Barbara, has lived in Tanzania for 40 years! She is the perfect host.

The maximum capacity is 10 people which is ideal for our purpose. So places are limited to 7 participants and 3 facilitators.


Expecting to finalise for either August 2017 or September 2017. Should be confirmed by end of March 2017.


10 days including arrival and departure days.


We are finalising costing to include the programme, coaching sessions, safari fees, accommodation, meals and local airport transfers.

The only extra cost will be flights and visa.


If you are interested in enjoying this unique opportunity or would like further information please contact me via phone or email.

Your experience will be informative and more importantly transformative. It will not only be a ‘mind blowing’ but a ‘heart opening’ experience to treasure, savour and share forever.

A few pictures of the location and surrounding area...

A little backbround...

I first set foot in Dar-es-Salaam in 1994.

Tanzania is home to a people from a plethora of tribes including the Maasai as well as people of Arab and Indian decent. I have always found the people of the land to be most welcoming and hospitable. I continue to be overwhelmed by their generosity. The tribes have a saying ‘he/she who gives is the ultimate receiver’.

The majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro stands tall in Tanzania! The highest mountain on the African continent. Mt. Meru, the second highest volcano in the country announces itself in the Arusha National Park. Tanzania hosts a section of the ancient Rift Valley Escarpment.

It has the Selous Game Reserve in the south which is the largest unspoilt game reserve in Africa and is still a hidden treasure trove. We had an extraordinary experience when we flew in to the Selous during a very windy and wet afternoon, nearly crash landed on the muddy dirt strip!

The mesmerising Rufiji River, with its flying fish, hippos, crocs and elephants strolling along its banks, meanders its way to the Indian Ocean. The Selous delta contains the world’s largest mangrove forest (not a lot of people know that!)

Tanzania has amazing lakes, terrain and craters. Numerous National Parks and Reserves are scattered on all points of the compass.

The Serengeti, ah, the Serengeti (Maasai–Serengit–‘endless plain’ or ‘the place where the land moves forever’). This immense expanse of land is said to have hardly changed in a million years! I’ve been fortunate to have had a few ‘up close and personal’ interactions with the Maasai in this vast wilderness

One could spend a life time roaming the Usambara Mountains with villages dotted around its lush greenery and blanketed by early morning mist which disperses with the rising sun.

And not forgetting the most amazing and abundant wild life, the highest concentration in Africa. And trees, cacti, fauna, birds, reptiles and insects. And the orange/red soil which sprouts fruit at the throw of a seed!

Off the eastern coast, warmed by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania has the main islands of Pemba, Zanzibar and Mafia. I have had the privilege of visiting & staying there on many occasions. I have a very dear Swedish friend who went to Zanzibar some twenty years ago, fell in love with the place and decided to ‘lay his hat’ there.

The 1,400+ km of coast line which is caressed by the Indian Ocean has some absolutely ‘to die for’ sandy beaches.

Hustle bustle markets, outside eateries and restaurants can be found sprawling in all towns. The fresh fish markets are dotted up and down the coast and on the islands.

A local Zanzibarian friend took me line fishing once in a small boat soon after sunset, the ocean lit by the soft light from the moon and flickering on the small waves like small candles. We caught at least thirty fish, fish I had never seen before. So much colour, shapes and sizes. Reaching the beach we were greeted by a small group of people. We all off loaded our catch and shared the gifts. We started a small fire and cooked a few very fresh fish. It was awesome.

The sandy shores and soil of Tanzania have witnessed the foot prints of hunters and gatherers, the influx of the Bantu, the Persians and Romans (yes, Romans), the Portuguese and Arabs, Germans and the English. This country has had astounding periods of transitions.

All of this under the canopy of the African sky. At night its’ billions of stars, keeping a watchful eye since time immemorial!


Look forward to meeting with you at the retreat.