The 'Insightful Leadership' programme allows participants to first discover the true nature of the internal dynamics from the perspective of now. It guides participants through the processes to understand the paradigm shift required. How to articulate and implement progressive, sustainable and positive change within themselves and subsequently the organisation.

In any group situation we want to have someone 'to look to' who has our individual and the group's best interests in their mind and heart. 

Why should you be followed

To lead means to have followers. But you can't force anyone to follow you. So why should anyone want to follow you. What are the qualities that you have that would attract others to give of themselves for you.

Leaders aspire and inspire

If a leader has a vision and is able to articulate the cause, the purpose in a genuine way, an inspiring way, have concern for the care and growth of others and possess higher qualities then people will follow and often give much more than is required of them. Why? because we want to converge towards common values which gives us a feeling of belonging and safety bounded by higher attributes.


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