The purpose of the talks and seminars is to bring centre stage the concept and understanding of ‘conscious awareness’ through discussion of numerable subjects.


Sample of content covered:

We create our own limitations by confining ourselves into so many boxes due to pre-conditioning and familiarity.

It is only possible to change ourselves if first we are aware of what needs to be changed. So how do we create awareness?

The relationship between our five outer senses, receptors of information and our inner faculties which decipher and compute the information.

It is through presence of awareness emanating from our higher consciousness that we are able to engage in all aspects of our lives in an appropriate manner.

Processes are key to new ways of thinking, and help understand what generates complexity, rather than getting lost in complexity.

One key element to foster a healthy and successful work environment and in life generally is to reduce, even eliminate ‘unnecessary’ stress. Although the right amount of stress is a prerequisite for positive movement and change.

The world in which we live is governed by natural laws: cause and effect, based on duality, of opposites in a web of multiplicity. If we understand this we come to know the patterns and move forward with conscious awareness and act appropriately.

How an uncaring and uninspiring leadership will lead to uninspired employees resulting in low productivity and an 'unsafe' environment.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you cannot avoid or escape life challenges, the twists and turns and the unknowns. It's what life is!

Sample selection of topical headings:

Leadership & filtration

Exploring adjacent possibility

The nature and dynamics of hierarchy in the work place

Emergence through 'Letting Go' 

Some stress is necessary, discard the rest

Management mismanage their motives

Are we just structures composed of chemical compounds?

Mistakes are inevitable

What motivates us to go to work

‘Power struggle’- motives and consequences


Misplaced expectations - looking for the right thing in the wrong place

The one who gives unconditionally is the ultimate receiver

Leadership, power and authority?

Meaning and purpose of work

We find comfort in familiarity, even if it's detrimental!

We can't change others, change you

Life is predictable by its unpredicatability


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